How Can Blockchain be Used to Support Sustainable Business Practices

Blockchain technology has developed its resilience in the finance industry, providing businesses with unique services that cut across transparency, security, and a decentralized system consensus.

It has a digital dissemination channel that allows transactions within the technology to be tracked and monitored, giving customers and users a real feeling of convenience and trust within a system.

It has been of so much impact in trying to give businesses the helping hand they need in thriving, especially seeing that most business channels do not give customers or intending clients the chance to walk through the process of production of products – from manufacturing to logistics and even recycling.

Technology is the complete cycle of any business practice.

Today, businesses are looking for that one messiah that would come to be their business owners.

That is why blockchain technology is here to bridge the gap between business owners and their customers.

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What is Blockchain?

Blockchain technology is a decentralized system serving as a digital assets storage unit.

It is a unique system that does not allow the modification of any asset unless permitted by the owner, because of its cryptography nature.

It is a spreadsheet that is distributed through a network that is visible to everyone and cannot be modified.

Blockchain technology runs on a cryptographic system that consists of two keys which are the Private keys and the Public keys, they are used to produce a secure digital identity reference and this serves as authorization for the smooth running of transactions.

How Blockchain Technology Supports Sustainable Business Practices

Businesses can run smoothly with blockchain technology in the following ways:

Transparency in Records

The smooth running of a business lies on how well the records are kept, and when blockchain technology in utilized by service providers or business moguls, they can be able to keep track of what comes in and out of their businesses.

The operation of blockchain technology runs by making sure that transactions are transparent and that any form of fraud would be easily detected and mitigated.

Authentication of Users

The identity of customers is safeguarded and the technology provides organizations with enhanced privacy and security of data in varieties.

This blockchain technology is built as a peer-to-peer system for the validation of transactions between users, which has some depth in cryptography.

Blockchain technology is least prone to hackers, and that is a guarantee that the information of customers are in good hands and cannot be tampered with.

Contract Breaches Between Transacting Parties Are Eliminated

A lot transpires during businesses, when parties are involved for clarity and reference sake, contracts are made between the parties.

Blockchain technology eliminate violations or breaches of contracts between parties.

In some cases, documents are destroyed or even altered and that can change a contract, but blockchain technology offers a level of security and transparency within a system, eliminating such.

Investment in Green Finance

Technology seems to also be a contributor to the global sphere by aiding in the organization of programs that leverage climate action initiatives, thus bringing together not just investors but also world helpers.

The world is safe if kept clean, and this gives opportunities to firms like Plastics bank that give incentives to users on how much recycling they can with cryptocurrencies.

These cryptocurrencies can be traded within the financial market.

Guarantees Confidence in A Network

The world operates on a very ignored currency called TRUST, blockchain technology guarantees users confidence in the system cause of its level of transparency and security.

The fact that a customer can track down the logistics of a product purchased is enough for him/her to rely and trust the system, and once there is an altercation just like in cryptography, everything single process comes to a complete halt and is refreshed.

Satisfies Customers

No business can function without customers, and for customers to be retained, their satisfaction needs to be guaranteed.

Blockchain technology ensures that the customer is No. 1 priority and is well catered for, through the system, customers can be rewarded for their patronage of the particular service provider.

Cross-border Transactions

Blockchain technology is not limited or confined to a particular area; it covers the world, and that allows business owners to be able to reach out to customers or intending clients across the world, no matter where they are.

Features of Blockchain technology

Transaction Speed

Transactions are seamless with blockchain technology, ensuring no delay.

Tracks the entire Life Cycle of a Product

We know that whatever has an end, has a beginning.

Most consumers are oblivious of the process of how some products came about, for the purpose of clarity.

Consumers of a product must be able to know how a product is made; from manufacturing to packaging and even the distribution process, the customer should be aware of the full production cycle of a product.

With blockchain technology, products cycles are easily traceable and can be monitored.


Blockchain technology makes sure that programs, musics, or products are original and cannot be copied.

This technology gives and retains users value.

With blockchain, whatever goes through the channel is not counterfeit but original.

Blockchain technology is a fighting power against piracy.

The New Insurance for businesses

Getting insurance is quite a hassle and in most cases, business owners do not get to afford insurance cause of how expensive it is.

But blockchain technology has made things easier and stress-free.

Smart contracts can be implemented with the general public on board; this can be done with crowdfunding capital, making sure that a user/business owner can get their business insured.


There is so much value with blockchain technology, and it continues to change the dynamics.

Blockchain technology offers decentralized control, transparency, and security; values that most physical and digital systems cannot bring to the table.

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