This Is Exactly How DON-JAZZY made $300,000 in 10 minutes from selling an NFT.

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How to make money from NFTs

Mr. Michael Collins Ajereh popularly known as Don Jazzy is a professional and well respected Nigerian record producer, audio engineer, record executive, and CEO of Mavin records, who bought some Wakanda Inu tokens recently and made $300,000 from NFT(Non-fungible tokens).

‘A non-fungible token is a unique and non-interchangeable unit of data stored on a digital ledger.’-Wikipedia 2021.

The Wakanda Inu token was launched on the 7th of November and has gained global recognitions amongst top crypto exchanges such as Binance, flitaa, Trust Wallet and the likes.

In a live interview with Chris Ani, the founder of DABA School, Don Jazzy confirmed that he purchased some Wakanda Inu token because he loves the African vibe around it.

He mentioned that his interests in crypto started in 2020 during the lockdown when a young man approached him via a direct message on Instagram and asked if he could help post about a forex training that will be of a huge benefit to people during the lockdown. DonJazzy was first skeptical because it would involve people paying money and he didn’t want to mislead anyone into any financial commitment that he wasn’t sure of.

Hence, he decided to enroll for the training himself to first verify its authenticity. He started learning about the market, notified his followers of his latest interest in the market and received lots of show of excitements and supports from his followers and eventually got signed up as a brand ambassador for Hantec markets, a trading company in Nigeria. This was how his crypto journey started.

Now, about how he made $300,000 from NFT, an artist named Osinachi who has been into NFT since 2017 reached out to him and proposed to provide a beautiful art work while Don Jazzy provides some musical beats to match the art and they get to sell it on Nifty Gateway, a digital art online auction platform for non-fungible token art.

Just within 10mins of putting up the art and beats up for sale, they made $300,000. It was shocking to Don Jazzy as he mentioned that he knows the tons of effort and sale his team will need to make before making as much as $300,000 and hence he became very interested in NFTs.

He mentioned that he also made some money from caketoolz, and will be hodling coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana,etc, and his company is currently working on Rema’s album in 2022 which will be an NFT too. This will also be replicated for other artists according to him.

NFTs, Crypto and Web3 are undoubtedly and gradually becoming a revolutionary movement in Africa and beyond for artists, creatives, etc.

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