Wakanda Inu Burns 76% of its total supply making the meme token more valuable.

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Africa’s first meme coin Wakanda Inu burn finally burns 750T units of its token as the community-based token looks set to become more valuable with its reduced total supply.

About Wakanda Inu Token

The meme-based token is the newest competitor in the very competitive cryptocurrency market, with its maiden token sale scheduled for November 6, 2021. Its designers hope to promote it as a popular asset with real-world use, particularly for worldwide organizations, by describing it as a “charity-oriented meme token that is fully for social good throughout the globe.”

$WKD originated as a community meme project that depicts the daily challenges and ambitions of every human being, according to its white paper. The token wishes to unite individuals of many origins together under a single, unified flag by symbolizing the spirit of community, or in this instance, Wakanda.

Benefit of the burn

wakanda inu burn

The token burn comes with a lot of benefits as the economic law also affects the cryptocurrency market whereby when supply is way lower than demand, the price of the commodity or asset in question increases. As it’s no longer news that the $WKD token is fast-growing and demand for the token is also reaching a fever pitch. A shortage/burn of 76% would have a drastic/major impact on the price of the digital asset as supply would no longer be able to meet up with the demand of the Meme-based Token.

This is great news for early investors as its means that the value of the assets they are already in possession of would keep increasing by the day as the supply of the token keeps dwindling. This is likely to be the beginning of steady price movement for the meme token as its looks to get listed on major exchanges like Binance, Robin hood, eToro, etc.

Where to buy wakanda

The meme coin has become very popular especially amongst the Africans barely a month after its launch and is still making records, notedly the recent token burn. Therefore the demand for the token is on the increase. The token is already listed on some Exchanges both decentralized and centralized exchanges. You can buy wakanda on pancakeswap a decentralized Exchange and also on flitaa a centralized exchange. Some other centralized exchanges the token can be purchased from: roqqu, obiex, haggleX, etc.

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