How To Buy SHIBA INU token In Nigeria And fast 2021.

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Shiba Inu token has recently become the fastest-growing token globally as demand for the acquisition of the meme coin increases daily. Therefore we would be walking our readers through how to purchase the meme coin in both Nigeria and Kenya. Here’s how to buy SHIBA.

How to buy SHIBA

The cryptocurrency market has been on fire recently as the bull run season seems to be in full swing after the major crypto dip which started from the second quarter of the year and continued for about four months before the bull run turnaround season. Possibly most crypto experts would have used the opportunity created by the dip to purchase a large number of cryptocurrencies, there would still be some novice crypto participants who got scared due to the dip and may be sold off most of their crypto assets.

All that is in the past now though as the recent bullish trend of crypto giants like Bitcoin and Ethereum has also created opportunities for a lot of upcoming and newly created tokens, the most common and popular of them all being the SHIBA INU Token. With an increase of over 1,000,000% just a little bit over a year, the cryptocurrency token has made a lot of individuals millionaires as the crypto asset has stormed its way through the coin market to solidly establish its place amongst the Top cryptocurrency in the cryptocurrency market, just behind its other meme coin asset Dogecoin.

Although in the latter part of October SHIB overtook the dogecoin to seat solidly in the 10th position. This goes a long way in showing how outstanding SHIB’s performance has been over the past few months.

Due to the fast-growing and ever-increasing popularity of the SHIB token, a lot of individuals are also joining in the massive purchase of the token, as it seems affordable and looks to have some potentials. Buying the SHIBA INU token has now become very easy this is especially in Nigeria where cryptocurrency to bank dealings or transactions has been made impossible. Therefore making the P2P merchant system the next best solution to buy SHIBA.

A lot of platforms have also created alternatives to make purchasing these crypto-assets easy for users. One of the most notable platforms where you can currently buy SHIBA INU tokens with your naira without much hassle is a trustworthy platform called flitaa, they are an exchange platform that operates in both Nigeria and also Kenya.

To buy SHIBA INU tokens, click here to create an account on flitaa in under two (2) minutes.

After creating your account you just have to add your bank account in which you would use in making deposits and withdrawals on the platform.

After doing this you would see the list of tokens you can buy on the platform. Shiba Inu token is one of the listed tokens, all you need to do is to make deposits to your flitaa Naira wallet or via Mpesa for Kenyans.

There are also more platforms where you can buy your SHIB token, but for Nigerians and also those in Kenya, flitaa has made buying and selling your crypto assets easier and faster.

On flitaa store, buy, sell, send, receive and swap crypto. You will be able to:

Buy, sell & trade Multiple cryptocurrencies.

Buy crypto as low as ₦ 500

Swap between crypto. e.g Bitcoin to Ripple.

Earn free Bitcoin for life by inviting friends

Benefits of using flitaa

Intuitive – flitaa offers you the most beginner-friendly experience you can find.

Fast – Built with best practices to deliver a fast crypto user experience.

Funds safety – Your wallet is protected on multiple layers of security to prevent theft.

Multi-assets – Your one-stop wallet for the most popular tokens available.

Swap – Swap seamlessly between tokens of your choice in milli-seconds.

Earn – You earn for life when you invite your friends to transact on flitaa.

Buy SHIBA INU here!


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