There’s no stopping SHIB price as Robinhood Petition Gains Over 326,000 Signatures

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The second most popular meme cryptocurrency, SHIB, has reached the third consecutive lifetime high of $0.0000594, beating the peaks of $0.00005711 and $0.00005364 reached earlier today.

Source: UoToday

Shib, Shiba inu still exploding

shib, shiba chart

This has happened without Elon Musk’s support or listing on Robinhood as some in the community are pointing out. Meanwhile, the amount of signatures under the petition to list the meme crypto token on the Robinhood app has exceeded 326,000, according to Fortune magazine.

Shiba Inu hits a new record as a petition asking Robinhood to list the coin gets over 300,000 signaturesSource:

— MILKSHAKE (@shibainuart) The token surges on Robinhood listing expectations
The token continues to rally as the army of its users keeps hoping that the Robinhood app is going to add the support for it soon. Over the past twenty-four hours, the token gained 36 percent, as per data provided by CoinMarketCap.

At the time of writing, SHIB keeps rallying and has hit the $0.00005738 level. Being ranked 11, the coin boasts the market cap of a whopping $22,361,090,315.

Over the past week, the token has soared by over 87 percent, taking its recent jaw-dropping gains further high.

Petition for Robinhood listing goes over 326,000 signatures
In the meantime, the petition run on that demands for the community based token to be listed on Robinhood has gained support of more than 326,000 users.

However, recently, the app’s CEO Vlad Tenev stated that Robinhood is being careful with the new coins they list. Still, as reported by U.Today over the weekened, the platform included SHIB in their customer survey, as well as ADA, XRP, Bitcoin, to learn about their clients preferences.

SHIB better than DOGE: Eric Wall
CIO of Arcane Assets, Eric Wall, has tweeted today that, in his view, SHIB is a better meme coin than DOGE.

He believes so because the token does not have issues that DOGE does regarding its Litecoin merge-mining. Besides, Wall thinks that the community based token is not inflationary by nature and is not vulnerable to Elon Musk’s tweets about it.

SHIB is better than DOGE because it doesn’t suffer from DOGE’s Litecoin merge-mining problem, its inflationary nature and isn’t as sensitive to Elon’s tweets. And also piggybacks and integrates directly with the world’s most common token standard and developed DeFi ecosystem.

— Eric Wall (@ercwl)

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